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Vets2Home: We'll always go the extra mile, just to see your pet "smile"… 


As veterinary professionals and devout animal lovers, working in normal and emergency vet practices for a few years made us think differently about how we could help animals without stress and travelling. So by late 2005, Vets2Home was founded by myself Suzen Gregersen, a Danish veterinary surgeon, and qualified veterinary nurse Alex Gravett as a pioneering, convenient in-home veterinary health care alternative to normal bricks-and-mortar practices.  

(Just before our actual launch, we were invited on the BBC South East news in 2005).  


This is our story: 

"By the summer of 2012, we had conducted more than 6,000 general home visits covering most of Sussex," says Suzen. "In our first six-and-a-half years we offered normal, routine and preventative treatment such as vaccinations, laboratory work and disease detection for pets in their home. But we saw and experienced things we'd never have dreamt of seeing in normal practice: troubled dogs who'd often been rescued from uncaring or cruel owners, travel-averse and nervous cats, spoilt house rabbits, a large wolf-hybrid from America, domesticated foxes, pet rats, guinea pigs, pet sheep, numerous pet chickens and various birds, from tiny finches to one giant hyacinth macaw in a tiny terraced house in Brighton. Sadly, our visits also included realising how some scrupulous and conniving puppy farmers operated in the Sussex area under cover of seemingly legitimate circumstances - at first anyway. We certainly had a very steep learning curve once leaving the safety of normal practice life. But that's a whole other story…" 


PHOTO: Vets2Home's founders - Alex Gravett, Vet Nurse (left)  Suzen Gregersen, Hospice & Emergency Vet  


"In those first years, alongside offering normal daytime veterinary treatment at home, we were also offering more urgent medical treatment along with gentle home euthanasia after normal hours. We were actually in operation both day and night - just the two of us, with our understanding families helping out then, as they still do now!" 


"It has all been worth it and we truly enjoyed visiting our many returning and loyal clients, their friends and extended families, and were overwhelmed by the support for our innovative home mobile vet services, making us busier year-by-year." 


"However, our by far two most popular and appreciated services were always our out-of-hours home visits to treat urgent problems, and our palliative, end-of-life vet service including at the end - a gentle pet euthanasia - available in the home 24/7."  


Dog in pain"We have been called out many times at anti-social hours to help large, collapsed dogs, trapped in pain or particularly "scratchy" but also very sick cats, owners unable to travel with their pet for various reasons such as disability, alcohol/medicine intake or other practical obstacles such as not having transportation, to pets in acute pain when moved, or very anxious, nervous or unapproachable pets needing medical attention and an initial stress-free vet consultation and evaluation at home." 


PHOTO: Kono (8 yrs), a Native American Indian Dog (wolf-dog hybrid) who needed a mobile vet because of his acute lameness  


"Equally many times - both day and at night - our in-home services have been sought by loving pet owners not wanting to pursue further cures, therapy or stressful investigations. Instead, they wanted to give their ailing pet a dignified and peaceful end-of-life at home, away from the stress of a busy vet clinic, making this time as calm, peaceful and pain-free as possible." 


"We discovered that these two home services (urgent,out-of-hours and at the end-of-life) were particularly hard for pet owners to access from their busy, practice-based vets. Most local veterinary clinics these days, are either closed after hours or simply unable to give the extended home support and the extra resources and time often needed at the end of life. Because of the increasing demand for these two services, we decided we wanted to devote our hard-earned in-home practicing skills and more time to look after pets at these two very special, but also difficult times. Now seeing the huge difference we can make to animals and their families at these challenging times makes our work so immensely rewarding. 





A home vet consultation - almost just a friend visiting…  


As we now do not offer any other services, we can truly be available to these pets around the clock, ensuring we always have the time to properly tend to each and every one - as well as their families. It is our dearest pursuit to constantly improve and ensure the end-of-life transition is peaceful and calm for everyone involved." 


Vets2Home - Peaceful Pet Goodbyes offer just two services: 


·   Our dedicated palliative medicine, animal hospice and gentle euthanasia services 24/7 with full telephone support and guidance. We will assist you to decide if - or when - the time is right to say goodbye, as calmly as possible, without stress or worry. We offer urgent appointments for both quality-of-life evaluation and hospice packages with a 24-hour call line for you to discuss with our caring team when the time is right and when the one last service may be needed. We are here for you around the clock to support you during this difficult time: before, during and after. Why not find peace of mind and become one of our VIPs today…? 


·   Out-of-hours home consultations with our visiting duty vet travelling to pets in need at night, at weekends and Bank Holidays, covering a larger geographic area also covering for our subscribing vet practices. This is a service unparalleled in the UK. Vets2Home believe pets deserve an alternative to going to a busy clinic, and a first vet consultation and stress-free evaluation at home can - if eligible - independently determine treatment options. These include help to load your pet if transferring to a clinic is the chosen route. We also carry a wide range of injectable, emergency medicines for pets who stay at home.  






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