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Vets2Home - Peaceful Pet Goodbyes: Mission Statement 

As devout animal lovers our whole life, our whole professional (and personal) existence is centered around helping animals. We believe that by combining this love with all our professional experience, skill, and respectful attention giving the most peaceful and beautiful goodbye experience at home, that all the memories afterwards, will be just good ones from everything that went before - not overshadowed by traumatic, stressful or just too clinical an event at the very end. 


resizedWe plan everything in detail in order to give your pet just calm, peaceful and thoughtful dignity all the way. We will go to the ends of the world to help create and deliver this (at all hours of the day and night) by listening to your wishes, special requests and take the necessary time to get to know your pet's personality and personal history to ensure that all your memories of this parting is only ever carried out with the utmost respect for your pet and for your life together. 


We put all our efforts into delivering a beautiful and supported experience from the very second you reach out to us, throughout this last journey till the very last, peaceful breath. Afterwards we will respectfully arrange as many details of the after care for your pet that you wish and are here to support you after - and beyond - too... 


All this we offer 24/7, because we understand just how difficult and unpredictable life - and the very end of it - can be. 





PHOTO: A sad and unforgettable Sunday morning; saying goodbye to Lucky..



Euthanasia Policy 

Vets2Home only advocate using a two-step euthanasia (always with a pre-euthanasia sedation first except in very exceptional circumstances), best given in the home and upon the reasonable request of a pet owner. 


The decision to euthanase is solely upon the attending duty vet and by observing the following: 


   Vets2Home will not knowingly put the public, a pet owner or other animals at serious risk by refusing to euthanase animals considered as posing a potential threat to health and safety - however small the risk.  

   Vets2Home will support a decision to proceed to euthanase an animal after professionally consulting with the owner (and the pet in question) in a timely manner, to ensure against prolonged physical or emotional suffering for either party and when no other option seems feasible, suitable or appropriate.  

   Like all veterinary professionals, our duty of care is according to The Animal Welfare Act (2006). 


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