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Helping you and your pet have a dignified and gentle end together - in your own home 

We believe having a good end to your pet's life is such an important part of having had a good life - a peaceful end leaves good, happy memories once "that day" is over. To help with this, we in Vets2Home provide in-home geriatric, palliative medicine and animal hospice care, where comfort and quality of life - meeting your companion's physical and mental needs - are at the forefront of what we offer. It is our job as specialists in our field to ensure that terminal illnesses and the dying process are experienced with dignity and peace at home, without having the fear of pain, distress or suffering.

Palliative medicine and end-of-life - or at-home hospice - care aims to keep your pet comfortable at home and living as normally with you for as long as possible when he or she is facing old age or terminal illness.

This home care begins from the moment your pet is given a terminal diagnosis, or you perhaps have practical problems or fear of pain and suffering because of your pet's old age. At the time when you decide not to pursue any more cures or procedures at your normal practice, we are here to help you without your pet ever again having to leave home.

"The end-of-life of a beloved pet - seeing them through naturally or - more often - with peaceful home euthanasia without pain, knowing when and what to expect and assisting with this as gently as possible - is a responsibility we take seriously and reverently. We see it as a privilege for us to be included at a time where final days, weeks or just moments are spent with a beloved friend and true life-companion - and to make it all very calm and pain-free. Before, during and after, we are here to help you and your pet have a very good end."

Dr. Suzen Gregersen, Hospice & Emergency Vet,

Co-Founder of Vets2Home - Peaceful Pet Goodbyes

The goals of our End-Of-Life (At-Home Animal Hospice) Programme are:

   To keep your special pet safe, pain-free and surrounded by all things familiar - a loving family, a comfy bed and perhaps other animal companions 

   To provide pain control (medication) and physical comfort to your pet, as well as helping you understand what to expect and look for as the time of dying (or euthanasia) approaches 

   To teach you and your family to confidently care for your pet's medical, dietary and emotional needs at home 

   To give you and your family (including children) time to adjust to your pet's progressive disease or age-related symptoms, so you can say goodbye in your own way, in the comfort of the home that you and your pet know and love. 

In-home animal hospice is designed to provide a personalised home care plan that is right for you and your pet. We will go far to make your pet's final weeks, days (or hours) as comfortable and joyful as possible.


Fifi,16, receiving home hospice treatment while cuddled in her mummy's safe arms

Treatment such as pain management, infection control, wound care, diet and mental stimulation may need constant adjustment and modification as the condition progresses. This is done in close liaison with us, your hospice vet team, who are available 24/7 by email, text or phone.

So how do you know when it's the right time to say goodbye?

Once it is no longer possible to keep your pet comfortable in your home, when the quality and joy of life together has gone and there are more bad days than good ones - it's probably getting near the time to let go. We will help you identify the significance of progressing signs such as:

   Changes in appetite and drinking 

   No longer interested in playing, interacting and perhaps hiding away 

   Becoming confused, grumpy, dazed or behaving out of character 

   Unable to stand - or get up - on their own 

   Increasing incontinence, daytime and at night 

   Sleeping a lot - or not at all 

   Vocalisation - excessively or not at all when usually "talkative" 

All of these can be your pet's own way of communicating this message to you. If you do not think that your pet should carry on until a natural death occurs then these are some of the signs that indicate it's probably time to consider a gentle, dignified goodbye.

These final days or weeks together are precious. We go a long way to ensure this time lasts for as long as possible and that the decision to end your pet's life by gentle home euthanasia comes at the right time for both of you - certainly not too early, but not too late, either.

Animal home hospice - or end-of-life home vet care - functions on the premise that death is part of life and can be experienced with dignity as an animal rests at home with a loving family close by.

"Death is the end of our life. After a good life,  

we should have a good death.  

A good death is death without pain,  

where you can say 

'I had a good life, and I can now go to the other side'."  

Ludwig Minelli, founder of Dignitas (Switzerland)  

As in human hospice, owners sometimes ask us about waiting for a natural death if they are there 24/7 to care for their pet's every physical and mental need.

We in Vets2Home strongly believe in the gift of euthanasia for our animals as a last gesture of love, but we are also prepared to professionally assist and guide you and your pet through to a natural, hospice-assisted death if this is what you would prefer, if your pet's condition qualifies for this and if we can keep your pet pain-free and comfortable. We will then help you keep your pet pain-free and cared for until this time comes. It should however be noted that it is not all illnesses and situations where it is appropriate to seek a natural death from an animal welfare perspective.

We are of course available for support and advice 24/7 for this - and also for an urgent home euthanasia intervention should circumstances change towards the very end - which they often do.

Rest assured - we are here to help you during - and through - this difficult time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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For our devoted end-of-life help line, to have an informal talk about your worries about your special pet with our caring staff, or to book a quality-of-life or home hospice consultation at any time - day or night - please call, or email us on our contact page (if non-urgent): 

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